Wednesday, January 13, 2010

resume 2010

i tinker a lot today, did a lot of things.
i fully updated my resume and build a new one.
credits goes to google and templates online for inspiring me to alter
my resume into a 20 second impression that will surely catch the eye's of the
reviewing committee.

i did not have the time to go on gym mode due to building my resume.
but for the most part of it, i am happy with the outcome of my resume.
it was tiring but at the same time worth making it.
i will do a screen shot out of it lol.

i think ill give credit to this website since it had help me alter my resume.
for inspiration, you can all go to
so that you will have a good plan on how to make your resume attractive.
i hope this will really help me in achieving my goal this 2010.
for the mean time here are some recent pictures of me lol.

enough for now lol, need to eat dinner and prepare stuff for tom.
there would be new things that i need to do tom. and i need to wake up early.
darn the question is, will i be able to wake up early for that hahaha well see.

" we only live once, so live free and happy "

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