Tuesday, February 9, 2010

day 40 ~ still kicking

ohayou world!!!
Larc theater of kiss concert rocks :) hyde can really sing well even on lives :)
talk to philip and hell help me with my application "i thiank this dude for any help"
i just hope that a little bit of something would work out as well :)
im still pushing forward and not losing any bit of hope :)
guess just be inspired on everything that we do :) coz life is short again
making the most out of of this life that we used everyday :)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

patiently waiting ...

its already feb, but here i am still just pursuing thru life's tough battles :)
im still holding on the thoughts of me working outside the country hopefully in due time.
its really hard to make up for the things that are happening but ... yeah ... just still believing that there there is really meaning and that all things are meant to happen.
i feel like being sliced up into pieces every time i lose on my battle.
i still hope for the best thou and that 1 day ... ill be on top of my goal as well.
lord bless me :)

~have a good day everyone~

Friday, January 29, 2010

job hunt

still job hunting, no one seems to like me despite of what i can do and the things that i can offer and give to there prestigious company. but that is still ok, i wont lose any bit of hope on this one. just rise up everytime you fall, oh well, mistakes are made so that we can choose better choices the next time it happens.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

sisters birthday

Posting before i go on the mall and meet a friend of mine :) this is taken during the bday celebration of my sister haha this is just a family celebration of course it must be a separate one. hehehe anyhow here are some piccus.

slim type

good morning,got a news from my close college classmate that he is now on a new company and his salary had become twice ^_^ whew! i did forward my resume to him and hopefully with god's grace i can also be with that company so that i can also achieve my goal of changing career and thats the world of I.T

thank you arjie for the help, i really apreaciate it and also thank you for this pict. in which i really can say that i buffed myself in just 3 months lol. what a big difference. anyhow got to eat breakfast see yah later guyz.

this is the before.

and this is the after

thank god for all the blessings that we receive :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

haircut harajuku

ok just finished eating lunch, ill be continuing my search every rest day :) for now thats my plan anyway still save save save and making the most out of it lol, hmmmmm got a new hair cut then bought a pair of black shoes and then rock sun glasses hehe as a reward for nothingness i have to spoil myself once in a while. here are some piccus of me and i think im getting a little bigger now ... im glad someone notice it at the office :)
now this is how the back of my hair looks like

and here are more piccus of me :)

time to sleep now , meme time and just the 3rd day of work for me and 2 days more :) god bless everyone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


ok, so i wake up early today around 6:30am just to go online and send my resumes to online employers and seek job again.
guess this will be my routine every now and then for the rest of the months until i can really go out and fulfill my goals in life this 2010.
currently im applying for singapore and other asian countries giving it most likely a month then ill go on other countries too.

anyway, the weather is really bad outside well its raining and its cold too.
bad part also is that ill have work tonight and so i hope it wont rain that much lol or else its gonna be a messy night for me lol. i took a pict. of it using my cellphone anyway just for fun.

for some reason, this has been a bad weather for the past 3 days already,darn its too cold outside huhuhu.
on the other hand i took a pict. of my keyboard as well,its kinda sick coz its too small and its actually for laptop purposes kinda like an external keyboard extension thingy.here it is and lim gonna eat breakfast after this lol see yah.

lol my legs looks like ladies legs lol.

gadget - nexus one by google

ok, so before i sleep ill give my comment maybe tom about this sick gadget out already on the market since last month.

presenting to you the google smart phone at its best.

its not ok to be late on the latest technological stuff that's release thru the market so if we cant afford to buy it, then at least have the details and the knowledge about the product.

"we only live once, so stay happy and rock on"

resume 2010

i tinker a lot today, did a lot of things.
i fully updated my resume and build a new one.
credits goes to google and templates online for inspiring me to alter
my resume into a 20 second impression that will surely catch the eye's of the
reviewing committee.

i did not have the time to go on gym mode due to building my resume.
but for the most part of it, i am happy with the outcome of my resume.
it was tiring but at the same time worth making it.
i will do a screen shot out of it lol.

i think ill give credit to this website since it had help me alter my resume.
for inspiration, you can all go to resumetemplates-usa.com
so that you will have a good plan on how to make your resume attractive.
i hope this will really help me in achieving my goal this 2010.
for the mean time here are some recent pictures of me lol.

enough for now lol, need to eat dinner and prepare stuff for tom.
there would be new things that i need to do tom. and i need to wake up early.
darn the question is, will i be able to wake up early for that hahaha well see.

" we only live once, so live free and happy "