Wednesday, January 13, 2010


ok, so i wake up early today around 6:30am just to go online and send my resumes to online employers and seek job again.
guess this will be my routine every now and then for the rest of the months until i can really go out and fulfill my goals in life this 2010.
currently im applying for singapore and other asian countries giving it most likely a month then ill go on other countries too.

anyway, the weather is really bad outside well its raining and its cold too.
bad part also is that ill have work tonight and so i hope it wont rain that much lol or else its gonna be a messy night for me lol. i took a pict. of it using my cellphone anyway just for fun.

for some reason, this has been a bad weather for the past 3 days already,darn its too cold outside huhuhu.
on the other hand i took a pict. of my keyboard as well,its kinda sick coz its too small and its actually for laptop purposes kinda like an external keyboard extension it is and lim gonna eat breakfast after this lol see yah.

lol my legs looks like ladies legs lol.

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